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Recurring Themes in Nightmares
bad dreams are EXTREMELY typical for me yet what I had encountered was much more extraordinary than any bad dream I have ever had in my 32 years of life. I envisioned that I returned from the washroom and my room did not resemble my room any longer and it seemed as though it had been totally destroyed. I had layed withdraw in my bed then I saw the scariest leprechaun I had ever found in all my years. it was quick and simply continued shooting forward and backward around my room. there was nothing clever about it by any means, I was really frightened for my life. like the sentiment looming fate, he had felt like a malice presense. at that point as I was laying on my back in bed I had seen his hands crawl up from the foot of my informal lodging had begun pulling the spreads off of me. now I had given calling a shot to my bf who was resting by me however I couldn't make a sound. I was moving my mouth yet no stable was turning out and I couldn't move my body to attempt and shake him alert. it felt like the leprechaun was out to get me, similar to I was in reality going to kick the bucket. not long after that my bf was all the while resting yet fortunately he had woken me up by wrapping his body around me and kissing me, similar to he could detect that I was bothered despite the fact that he was snoozing the entire time. when I woke up I was soaked in sweat and was crying. recalling it is in reality difficult for me to tell on the off chance that I was sleeping or conscious when I was attempting to shout to him, im beyond any doubt I was snoozing the entire time however it had felt so genuine. I truly trust I clarified this all around ok, its difficult for me to really articulate it. I had never felt along these lines from a bad dream some time recently. im not certain in the event that it helps but rather this occurred around 5 am and I experience experienced issues with tensions and have had rest issues for the majority of my life. I am not anticipating resting today around evening time, this was a loathsome ordeal and I have felt off throughout the day Cry
As someone who is very used to sleep paralysis, I can almost guarantee you that's what it was. Especially when you mention trying to scream but not being able to make a sound. That is exactly what can happen during sleep paralysis - because your body is paralyzed, and you are "conscious" but are hallucinating and unable to move. It feels extremely real while it's going on.
Affirm, so I had this... Truly fouled up bad dream a day or two ago... Despite everything I can't get over it. I haven't had huge numbers of these yet when I do I can never get them out of my head, and typically simply going to dream states of mind encourages me adapt to it. Well... not this time. I get a kick out of the chance to believe I'm an ordinary individual, I'm not fixated on anything freakishly irritating, or brutality, or frightening things, so I do not understand where this originated from.

In this way, the fantasy begins with somebody (myself?) I'm not so much beyond any doubt, and three or four individuals (one/two guys, two females) that I don't know nor have I at any point met, the extent that I know. It's the occasions, there's snow all around, and we are going to this christmas town show or whatever, and it's generally dim, as in not very many lights of any sort. Two of the general population I am with touch diverse plastic snowflake shows and decimate it after touching it, dismiss and walk (Laughing the distance! Not clever.)

Quick forward, and I go to one of the people groups houses that I am with on the grounds that one of the females gets me and is going ballistic in light of the fact that he has been in the upper room throughout the day. I go to the loft, and he takes a gander at me, shrieks at me, and this is the place things get abnormal. His head has gone up against an interesting boney plate shape, think a triceratops head. I escape the house in fear and bounce into the back of this truck. For reasons unknown I associate this with the snowflake show they touched and demolished. All of a sudden the man I was with has transformed into a human deer... thing. Presently, when I say human deer thing, I don't mean he is all of a sudden bambi. He is abruptly a human with prolonged appendages, a REALLY long neck, that peculiar boney plate head, and is jogging or whatever a deer running is called, towards me.

About this time I kind of wake up. I'm half snoozing and I am blown a gasket and all I need to do is wake up and never nod off again, yet for reasons unknown I am had to attempt and settle this. In my half snoozing state, these things are pursuing me and I am going crazy. I at that point summon a... shotgun and... shoot it. When I shoot it, it sort of detonates into this splendid blue puff and vanishes. At that point I wake up.

The main thing I can think about that would cause an irritating bad dream like this is several things: I was viewing a thriller an evening or two ago, and I had quite recently gotten the most recent DOOM computer game, which clarifies the arbitrary summoning of a shotgun. I needn't bother with clarifications on the shotgun, that is only my mind instructing me to take a break from computer games for a couple of days, however what I require help with is understanding what the heck is up with everything BEFORE that. I... I dunno... I truly don't have a clue. I don't recognize what ANY of it implies, by any means. I couldn't start to begin finding it to sort it out to try and attempt and comprehend it. There's nothing in dream inclinations about blood and guts film human deer things or a christmas town, and particularly with individuals I don't know who acted like they knew me, or regardless of whether I was potentially envisioning about me being another person? I am kinda worried at work as well...

On the off chance that anybody has any sort of information on this or knows somebody who thinks about this, please let them know and send them my way. Much obliged to you all for your chance in perusing this.
Post on the Reddit Dreams sub.

That's a lot more ###$ up than Silent Hill by the way. The only more ###$ up dream I've ever heard including people's sleep paralysis episodes etc (which I get myself) is this person who said they dreamed of their dad with 8 legs crawling like a spider on the kitchen ceiling and licking their face all over with a really long tongue.

Might just be because of how I pictured it though. But I've been through like 10000 nightmare reports (as they interest me) on AskReddit and forums and stuff and this is the second worst. Until the shotgun.

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