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Help please
Approve my companion had this irregular thing consistently for a couple of years when she was 4-8 years of age (she's a high schooler now.) She is extremely worried about it at the present time and I need to help her. 

Well here goes the story 

Consistently when she rested she saw this tornado amidst her room, Small dim shaded shapes fell on her arms and abdomen, she simply forgot about them with her hands. She couldn't fell them, she could just observe them. They were not frightening but rather chafing. This was there consistently until the point that the bed got moved to the opposite side of the room. 

Anybody know what this is or what could have caused it? 

She has no dread of tornadoes.
I used to have something similar. A doctor told me it could be that some people's brains take longer to wind down after screen stimulation. He told me to avoid screens for 2 hours before bed time. This means avoiding anything with a screen TV, no looking at your phone, don't even look at your alarm clock LED screen.
This worked for me, I rarely see those aliens anymore (that's what i used to call them!). Best of luck to your friend. I would love to hear if this works for her too.
It can be scary to see these things that are not real, so it's important to relax and remember there is nothing spooky happening and everything has a solution. Just keep trying until something works.
Also, if it stopped when her bed was moved to the other side of the room, it's possible it was just light reflecting from the window? Something coming from outside and reflecting off a mirror?

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