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hang out "Back in the Day"
60's and 70's 

Secondary school - under 18 so no liquor. 

A&W Drive In - They served A&W root lager in solidified, substantial, glass mugs. Root brew drifts. BBQ meat sandwich - destroyed hamburger in their own BBQ sauce on a plain bun. I have never had a BBQ sandwich in the same class as that one. 

Containers Drive In - the hang out spot. The sustenance was standard drive in nourishment - burgers, sausage and fries. They made great shakes and buoys. It was the place to see and be seen. 

Borden's - an old school frozen yogurt shop with stalls and a counter. It is as yet open. Chrome stools with red vinyl seats. Highly contrasting checked floor. 50's and 60' memorabilia. Sundaes and banana parts are still served in overwhelming earthenware bowls. Shakes and buoys are served in substantial footed glasses. 

After eighteenth birthday celebration. 

Dave's Top Hat Drive In 

The coldest draft lager around the local area - served in the sort of solidified mugs that A&W utilized. The best wavy Q fries ever. Crisp potatoes cut into twists and broiled. 

A piece from the University is The Strip - you got it - bars and pool lobbies frequented by the understudies. Uncle Pete's, The Keg, Mother's Mantle and the Roof Garden were the ones we frequented most. Gracious - a bar called The Library. Confusednicker: Mom - "Where were you so toward the end of last night" Me - "The Library". Disgrace on me! 

On Friday evenings the University Student Union had brew and shellfish night. $1 for a pitcher of draft and shellfish on the half shell - 10 pennies each or 12 for a dollar. They lost cash on me - it was not unordinary for me to scarf 3 or 4 dozen. 

There was a bar, move lobby in St. Martinville - right over the ward line where the cops were not extremely mindful to under age drinking. Signorelli's or Slick's for short. Unrecorded music and lager on the off chance that you were sufficiently tall to put your quarter on the bar. I would go through the night with my closest companion - heading off to the film and Hoppers. Sorry Mom. We would bounce into her old Ford get and go to Slick's. Old man Signorelli sat outside the entryway checking IDs. Obviously we had fakes - not by any means great ones. Did not make a difference. We were 17 at the time. I think back and wonder that we survived - the street was extremely stunning with several executioner bends - one specifically was call dead man's bend. 

So - shouldn't something be said about you?
In the 60's things were pretty miserable [don't care what the newsreels say - the swinging 60's didn't happen much outside London and maybe not so much even there for most people]. We were lucky to get to the Wimpy Bar [burgers only] - drive ins - banana splits - sundaes were pretty much all fantasies. By the 70's things were better but we were still years behind you guys in the States although at the time it seemed pretty ok and we finally did have places to go and money to spend.
On our way home from school, we used to hang out in the Beachcomber coffee bar (rocker joint!) which was in the row of shops next to the station. Friday evenings we spent at the Sombrero (mods only), and Sunday afternoons and early evenings were spent at La Sorcière, which let anyone in providing they had some cash :laugh: I worked there when I was 15, and that job provided some spending mbsoney for when I was in Austria. Later on my regular haunts comprised of many pubs between Brentwood and Stratford :whistling: Some had folk clubs upstairs; others didn't Big Grin Plus, for a while, there were a few pubs around Stuttgart.
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