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I recently got sent to a mental hospital for a week by the police.
people keep saying "things can be replaced, most importantly you're ok". I just say "i guess". I really don't care whether I got hurt or not, I feel terrible about the car which is most likely going to be "totaled", and how stupid I must be to have caused the crash (I am too embarrassed to say here but trust me, it was not just some usual, "understandable" traffic accident). I never thought I'd cry ...

Z informacji umieszczonych na stronie urzędu miasta wynika, że zakup urządzeń leży w gestii poszczególnych dzielnic. Warszawa planuje wydać 4 mln złotych na dofinansowanie zakupu oczyszczaczy powietrza w 350 przedszkolach, wychodzi więc prawie 11 428 złotych na każdą placówkę.

Ratusz pierwotnie planował wyposażyć w oczyszczacze powietrza – urządzenia filtrujące zanieczyszczenia – tylko 117 stołecznych przedszkoli. Uchwałę w tej sprawie rada Warszawy podjęła w październiku, przeznaczając na ten cel 1,2 mln zł. Ostatecznie władze zdecydowały się wydać więcej i dofinansować zakupy dla wszystkich przedszkoli.
The issue began after fifth grade. In fifth grade I was a typical kid, very little to fear, not softened up any kind of way, but rather that age i'm still exceptionally pliant.

I think my certainty incurred significant damage when I quit getting certain consideration from the contrary sex. I began bringing up issues like: "Did I turn out to be monstrous?" Or "What's the matter with me?" The accompanying three years my surrendered conduct developed to the point ..
Sorry if this was post in the mistaken theme, I simply joined this site not very far in the past.)

It would be ideal if you read full post:

I for one have huge amounts of savage dreams, yet I likewise have the desire to attempted to experience my vicious dreams as well, and they are extremely solid. I truly took a stab at gagging my sibling twice, before acknowledging what I was doing. I have dependably had brutal inclinations, and the more seasoned I get, the more ...
know this guy who claims to be lucifer i think he's a psycho. I told him stories of my past rapes on email and he told me to give him details. I was at first enticed and want of attention but i learned from a friend that he was a Maninipulator and found myself in a folie a deux with this schizotypal affective dissorder he gave me.

I hate him so much but I ...
Honestly Ive dealt with mental health and $#%^ for a long while and have been in therapy for a year trying to learn how to cope but at this point individual therapy doesnt do much, medicine doesnt do much yet, group therapy doesnt do much, talking to people doesnt do much, fitness and exercise doesnt do much, recognizing my thoughts doesnt do much, etc.

Its just like I feel Ive tried everything I could in ...
Hi. My whole 18 years on this planet has been me simply persevering life. I don't know where to begin with this. Leading I don't feel I should feel this discouraged and insane considering there are individuals doing much more terrible, I have an inclination I am opening up my issues and being unreasonable yet that is a later point. Give me a chance to begin off with my youth. evidently I cried all the damn time ...
My baby sister who is in her mid 20s, lately when she gets upset she starts screaming (AAAAAAAAAAAAA) very long and loud.. screaming her lungs out. banging on the door from inside her bedroom. She doesn't care about the time and the neighbours. One time she got upset in the car and screamed very loud at the back while i was driving. She doesn't work. She stays at home. My dad would give money to ...
As far back as I was 10, there has been this voice/other individual living within me. When we met, he revealed to me his name was Alex and that he's dependably been within me yet sat tight for the opportune time for us to meet. In my brain, he shows up as male, around 6ft 1 with blonde, short hair and blue eyes. He has a seperate identity from mind, even a seperate voice for when he talks ...

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