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therapist had psychosomatic
Hi, I needed to inquire as to whether some person has sensitivity or some likeness thereof and has seen a specialist/analyst/psychotherapist and found it was psycho-physical? 

I have spring sensitivity however it keeps going in the mid year as well, so I don't know how to call it. I began to meander if it's possibly psychosomatic. As a clinician I need to impart my contemplations and experience to you and I would acknowledge in the event that you shared yours. 

I am cautious, minimal narcissistic, so I don't respond well to feedback, or if nothing else I didn't some time recently. So I read that if hypersensitivities are psychosomatic, that you safeguard yourself from things in your condition simply like you would from individuals and their words. 

Any considerations on this? Perhaps a similar affair? 

I am wanting to discuss this with my advisor, so I will tell you how the story closes 8) 


She has no dread of tornadoes.
My therapist had psychosomatic eczema when he was in the process of moving out from home.
I've had a lot of psychosomatic things, vertigo, headaches, tummy aches and also asthma and eczema. When teenager my allergies were pretty crazy as they switched almost weekly, some triggers disappearing, others appearing etc, different animals, hay fever from different plants etc.
I can not give any [theoretical] detail though on how or why they appeared and I have tbh not read too much about it, but there are some basic correlations that would probably be obvious to you as a psychologist anyways, like unable-to-breath etc. The allergy problem has practically completely subsided nowadays. I am now in a practically totally emotional blocked mode though so my somatization is now migraines and psychogenic ticks / seizures.
But yea, its possible. Theres a wide array of diseases one can have that can be psychosomatic.
Well if you look at psychosomatics and conversion disorder theres a huge list of hard-to-believe symptoms and in addition we mostly don't even have [neurological/encannabinoid] theories about how these transformations come to be. In any event though, when you already suspect stress to be an issue then of course - cough cliché tip - stress-reduction techniques might be a good first step ^^. And its never a bad idea to try to figure out as much about one's mind as possible.
Thank you for your answer.
I am aware it is very possible to be psychosomatic... it's just that sometimes it seems impossible to have these allergic reaction and that they are all psychosomatic. So it's probably little bit of both, I have predisposition to react like this and plus stress.
Anyways, I noticed I don't have a. reactions when I work out a lot or when I am relaxed, which is normal I guess - my body is more relaxed, I am relaxed etc.

Regarding your state - do you go to therapy? I believe there are some types of psychotherapies that can help you. I am here if you need information Smile

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