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write on the stars
saw this bug announced inside. This was my answer: 

We unquestionably have a bug with the connection amongst springs and outer powers. I think I realize what it is yet it will require investment to settle. Here are a couple of workarounds to guarantee that the vehicle remains upright and doesn't flip around the corners: 

A first decent workaround for your concern is to build the majority of the Front_Left, Front_Right, Rear_Left and Rear_Right parts as opposed to utilizing a descending power. This will settle your vehicle and keep it from turning to some expand. 

A moment workaround is to utilize AlignOrientation requirement with PrimaryAxisOnly alternative chose on the body of the vehicle adjusting it to a hub that is vertical (the second connection on something secured like the a baseplate). This will constrain the body to be upright yet enable it to pivot. 

A third workaround is to utilize the Forces on the wheels themselves.
chefdeletat the cars drive upside down and do loops so we can not do those methods otherwise we would have done that. What I want to know is if this bug is being worked on "obviously I don’t expect it to be fixed by tomorrow but I would like to be informed about the progress of this bug. Which so far you told me that it was a known bug and from what I just read you are working on it atm. I am stressing over this as our entire game is dependent on this one thing and its delaying us significantly in our progress hopefully we can still launch before December 27th if the issue is fixed before then.
What happens if you apply VectorForces on the wheels themselves? At the Center of Mass. (As opposed to applying them to the Knuckle)
Ok we just tested it with vector-forces on the wheels themselves with center of mass selected and it works for straightaways but it does not work with the loops and that is only if we toggle the option for relative to World otherwise the car fly’s around. With relative to world as soon as the car starts going up the loop it gets pushed back down. The other two settings just made the car fly around when driving. Your second work around only works on straight aways as well doesn’t work on loops or slanted parts.
Truly I can see that your underlying arrangement is best - if just the spring didn't respond thusly. You'll need to try different things with different alternatives. Here is the thing that you can do: you wanna apply a power on the wheels toward a path given by a connection on the knuckle.

Utilize VectorForce on the wheels, set the Attachment0 on the haggle ApplyAtCenterofMass

Under "RelativeTo" select Attachment1

Place a connection on your Knuckle (the Front_right, Front_Left, and so on) with fundamental hub pointing down

Set this connection as Attachment1 on your VectorForce

I needed to make some different fixes to your model:

expel the old surface engines and supplant it with a HingeConstraints

Swap the course of the prismatics in the suspensions (it's more steady when the Attachment0 is on the heavier part)

Made the knuckles somewhat heavier for steadiness (else you'll get into high mass proportion issues and nervous suspensions)

Expanded the rubbing on the tires so it holds better topsy turvy.

Sending your model in a pm.

Concerning the Spring versus Force bug, the fix won't not come soon sadly. From past experience the ETA is around 3 months. This is on account of we have to do broad testing on effect of such a change.
Taking a look at the model right now I will post if anything changes or if this works as I can not post anything else today.
Cool. Please mark this thread as answered.

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