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boarding summer
With iOS 10.3.3, I have discovered my iPhone 7 or more continues spring boarding haphazardly. I can't clarify what could cause it. It has happened while distinctive applications are in work. Additionally varying from the past springboard crashes, when it returns to life after the turning circle is supplanted by the password screen, I am ready to utilize touchID to get once more into the telephone not requiring the typical manual passage of my password. Any other person having this experience of have a fix? I have done net work setting resets and furthermore control catch + volume down catch draw out press to reset with no change in the circumstance. Nowadays the folks on the apple bolster application appear to know almost no about the telephones they exhort individuals about. Thoughts welcome. Not by any stretch of the imagination enthusiastic about an industrial facility reset
Ok so I've set it up from scratch and as I've gradually and painstakingly downloaded all my 325 app and restored my phone to as close to previous as possible, it has done the spring boarding again. I honestly get this same or similar problem every year. Of course when I had just stock apps on it didn't crash but then I use most of my third party apps for work so I might as well have a dumb phone if I only were to use stock apps.
On the off chance that it's not having the issue on a new reset with no outsider applications, at that point it's not an iOS or equipment issue. You need to make sense of which one of your outsider applications is causing the issue, and afterward contact the engineer of that application and present a bug report.
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